Gratitude Observed

Backyard.abundanceIt is the day before my birthday and I am home. The morning air was brisk as I went outside to change out the corn cobs for the squirrels and add seed to the bird feeder. Evidence of their presence gave me heed to assure their pleasure continued. The sun is bright this morning and there is a magical feeling I get when I stand in chilly air along with the sun’s warmth. It is like sweet and salty, laughter and tears, living in the now and yet grateful for all that has comeCorn.cobs before this moment. Truly, it is a blissful thing to live in gratitude. It opens the heart to the flow… to the Universal desire to express Joy and Happiness. I did not come to this planet to live in dread nor in lack. I came to thrive and express. I came to share my gifts and to breathe in all that Life has for me. I am co-creating my life, and the experiences in it, by how I live and how I open my heart, mind and body to what is available. In doing that it all becomes one fluid expression.

In the mornings I set my intention on that which I am to be. I set my thoughts towards happiness, joy, love, beauty, abundance, Bird.feederhealth, influential vitality and wealth. I give thanks that it comes to me in all forms and avenues. I don’t worry about the “how,” yet I just open myself to the next perfect step and walk in the direction of my goals. In doing that, I allow the Universe to do Its work. I see myself as Its open channel, expressing through me perfectly and it does. I rest not my thoughts on the negative but I open my eyes to the Good that is around me and I think thoughts of love and wholeness to those people who cross my path even if we are standing in line together at the grocery store or at an event. I make conscious choices to bless and not curse. I see the Good and by doing this, more comes into view. It has to. Anything we set our mind to and focus upon creates more of those experiences. If we focus on the appearances of lack and harshness and loss and unfairness, it seems that it creates more of that in our experiences… as if that is the reality we conjure.

Some will disagree with me. Some will even argue that “this is the way life is.” And I will say yes to them. Yes… this is the way it is for you and I am sorry you are Mom's.Lemon.Treeexperiencing hard times. I know I have had my share and I have been very grateful for my friends who came near to comfort me in times of challenge, of loss and of confusion. I have felt lost and wonder and question current and past events. And then I breathe and my breath makes space around me as it is a symbol of my willingness to open my heart and mind to something more; to experience something grander than what I have experienced up until now. I am bigger than I have believed and Life is more than what I have seen and there is a magic in pausing and questioning this expanse. It truly is a playground filled with illusions and we get to choose what illusions to play.

So, on this day after Thanksgiving and the day before my birthday, I honor this Life I am living by choosing Joy and Happiness, expressions of Love and Beauty, Health, Fitness and Wealth, and Influential Abundance playing out in all I desire to do. I walk in the direction of my dreams and practice kindness and gratitude. Life is so worth living and I am here to live it.

Open at the Top,



Remembering Our Oneness… An Observation

20131231_051444-1Yesterday started off just fabulous. I had a creative surge that seems to be coming through more regularly. I read, wrote and posted on one of my blogs as well as my Facebook pages. And that was all before I started work. That creativity and passion carried into my day. Each task I did for my job seemed lighter and filled with joy… Joy that comes from within when I am in my groove. This groove is not dependent on outside forces. It is not dependent on a person and it is not dependent on situations. It is the natural state of my being. Who I am infinitely… one with all life, one with everything around me and beyond. I remember each day who I am and it is that place I look from into the world, at my work, towards my friends, and to the actions that I perform. To remember that I am infinite and everyone else is infinite. We are here because, at some point in infinite time, we chose to be here and to live and experience living and loving; creating and expressing; sharing and receiving; lessons and growth and all that humanness with volition brings. Volition equates to choice and choice equates to experiences including those that seem less than desirable and even horrific at times.

Yesterday, while in this groove, I learned of the acts that took place in Paris. I stopped to pray; to place my intentions of love and peace on those that are experiencing the effects of the choices of other people. Those who misuse the power that is available to all for the use of Good in the world; those who have forgotten their infinite roots; their oneness with all life, and thus used their power to harm. I stop to pray for them, too, and for everyone on this green and blue planet that we are visiting. May each one of us remember who we are, our oneness with all life, that we do have the freedom and volition to do anything, and that we choose to use that power that we have for Good in this world.

As I observe our world, or at least observe what is available for me to see, I can see that we forget at times that we are one with it all. In that forgetting a gap is created in our mind. If allowed to grow, we can begin to think of life as an “us and them” or a “me vs. life” and that is what births the thoughts and feelings that create separateness and angst; fear and despair; depression and confusion; loss of hope and forget the desire to dream. I don’t want that for me or for anyone! So, this morning, as I sit here, I continue to remember who I am and my relationship to you, to those around me, to my co-workers, friends, family, neighbors, the community I live in and the world. I am one with each of you. Our paths cross because we chose them to do so. We each have the ability to use a power greater than ourselves for Good; to make this #aworldthatworksforeveryone. This is why we are here… and when we remember this, we can do so much. Let’s use what we have to heal broken hearts, to nurture the gifts we have, to touch the lives of others, and to remind other people, who are on this journey on this green and blue planet with us of our oneness with each other and with all life.

Today is fabulous and it is because I remember who I am. I am infinitely one with all life and I am one with you.

Remembering with you,